• Genetic Alliance : Founded in 1986 as the Alliance for Genetic Support Groups, Genetic Alliance has become the world’s leading nonprofit health advocacy organization committed to transforming health through genetics. Their open network connects members of parent and family groups, community organizations, disease-specific advocacy organizations, professional societies, educational institutions, corporations, and government agencies to create novel partnerships.
  • National Genetics Education and Support Center (The Family Center): The Family Center works to increase access to genetic services by promoting and strengthening family engagement in the genetic healthcare delivery system. Families are at the center of what they do. They partner with them, so that family experiences are reflected in their work. Committed to supporting them as they navigate the genetics healthcare delivery system, The Family Center ensures that families are getting actionable, digestible information to feel empowered in their healthcare decisions.
  • Referral to support and partnering with Family-led Organizations: A Reference Guide
    New York Mid-Atlantic Caribbean for Genetics and Newborn Screening Services (NYMAC) (familyvoices.org)
  • Family Voices  is a national family-led organization of families and friends of children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) and disabilities.  They connect a network of family organizations across the United States that provide support to families of CYSHCN.  They promote partnership with families at all levels of health care–individual and policy decision-making levels—in order to improve health care services and policies for children
  • Parent to Parent USA (P2P USA) is a national nonprofit organization that promotes excellence in P2P programs across the nation. Since the 1970s, Parent to Parent programs have been providing emotional and informational support to families. We know there is strength and power in connecting parents of children with disabilities or special health care needs, for a wide range of conversations that will be helpful throughout their parenting experiences.
  • EveryLife Foundation Is dedicated to empowering the rare disease patient community to advocate for impactful, science-driven legislation and policy that advances the equitable development of and access to lifesaving diagnoses, treatments and cures.  They provide the training, education, resources and opportunities to make the patient advocate’s voice heard.

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